Father's Day Gifts

Father’s Day is around the corner, and if you still don’t know what to get your dad for this special date, you’re not to late. We know that buying a gift for a man who claims that he has everything and convinces you not to spend your money on him can get a bit tricky, but don’t worry – you can handle it! Here’s a list of five amazing ideas when it comes to Father’s Day gifts, so check it out and find something useful for your dad!


A portable propane grill

If your dad loves those informal tailgate parties, a portable propane grill is definitely one of the best picks you can opt for. He’ll absolutely adore this highly practical gift that can fold up and fit in literally everywhere, no matter how much space there’s left. Such gift excludes large and heavy parts which makes it really lightweight and therefore perfect for carrying around. The lift and lock system helps it set up securely, so that your father doesn’t have to worry about showing off his cooking skills.


Beard grooming products

Our varieties of beard grooming kit are an absolute must if your dad is rocking a beard, that could do with a little preening, simply because facial hair requires as much care and attention as everything else – if not even more so, apart from a good beard wash, one more product that should find its way to your father is beard oil .This fabulous liquid will do wonders for his scruff, taming it to the max and styling it up flawlessly. Besides that, such products rejuvenates, moisturize and soften, not only the hair but also the skin underneath, which provides a great basis for growing or improving a beard. In all your last minute rushing around this weekend just don't forget the obligatory handmade quality sandalwood comb!

A pair of cool glasses

 As your dad grows older, his eyesight probably isn’t what it used to be. The same goes for his old glasses that are everything but trendy. That’s exactly why you should get him a brand new pair of glasses that feature fashionable frame and inevitable prescription lenses for his eyes. Make sure that these offer 100% UV protection since the sun’s rays can be really harmful – especially when it comes to sensitive eyes. The only thing left is to pick an appropriate colour for the frame and you’re all done!

An unforgettable dinner night

This can sound a bit old-fashioned, but the best gift your father can get is your presence. Spending some quality time with your dad is exactly what both of you need, so be sure to make it happen – at least for this special date. You can always take him out for a dinner, or raise everything to a whole new level and set up an unforgettable event by booking private chefs in London. This personalised dining experience will sweep your old man off his feet, especially if he’s into top quality meals!


The ultimate coffee machine

Last but not least, a coffee machine that will provide the ultimate relaxing experience first thing in the morning. If your dad is all about sipping at a cup of coffee as soon as he gets up, this easy-to-use machine is everything he needs to start his day in a great way. Get him a fully automatic one that grinds whole beans and comes up with literally any coffee drink your father desires. All he has to do is to push the button, and the magic will start happening!
As you can see, there are so many versatile and creative ideas your father will absolutely adore. These are truly unique, and you can be sure that your dad will love them as much as you do. Just make sure to get them on time, so that you don’t get stuck with a 12-pack of socks because you couldn’t manage to find anything more appropriate! 
 Our guest blogger Peter Minkoff is also an accomplished men's grooming writer at The Beard Mag magazine. Besides writing Peter has held appointments as a grooming consultant for many fashion events around the UK & Australia.
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