How to Grow A Beard 101

Love 'em or Hate 'em most men grow one at least once in there lifetime . Yes we're talking about your Manly cover, Suburbs of the chin, your Grizzly Adams aka your Beard. We have that comprehensive guide to that age old question ? "How Do I Grow A Beard?"

We get asked this all the time so we thought we would put fingers to keyboard and list our guidelines on how to grow that beard. Whether its full and Gandalf-esk, rugged or designer stubble that will one day blossom into its full glory. Just Grow with the Flow  

1. Patience; Everything comes to those who wait so it's said, in this instance it rings true especially if its your first time trying to grow a beard. I'm talking late teens and early twenties need not to be to worried as time is on your side, you'll get there. However there's nothing to say you can't help it along by changing your diet, to a good clean diet and hitting the gym for a heavy workout and adopting sprints into your workout for example. Changing your lifestyle a little will have a direct impact on your testosterone levels which help your body to produce the cells needed to grow that face blanket you so want. Not to mention looking in the mirror there'll be bigger, faster, stronger buffer and bearded you.  Win!!! Win!! Situation all round.

2 . Kill The Itch; Whether your a seasoned vet or a rookie that beard itch is going to  get you every time. Deny that beard itch by moisturising with beard oil. ( Yes Folks You Can Use Beard Oil Even Without Having A Beard!!!). Preferably something Organic 100% natural like our Showman Premium Organic Beard Oil.  Its well documented and scientifically proven that essential oils like Eucalyptus and Tea tree are known for there anti-inflammatory, anti- bacterial and stimulating  properties. Meaning, mixed with our specially selected organic oils you'll be unleashing a whole lot of goodness on your face that will most definitely kill the itch, dandruff  and stimulate your hair follicles.  This should be a ritual you need to most definitely partake in at least 2-3 times a day

3. Keep it clean; Adopt this ritual if you don't already, of cleansing your face at least twice a day and exfoliating with a scrub once a week.  Remove dead skin particles and everyday dirt, sweat and grime that will clog your pores and prevent your beard from growing at its normal rate.

4.  Get some Zzzz;  It's true having a full 6-8 hour worth of rest will not only do you good both mentally and physically, but during this time growth hormone is working wonders for your beard growth, by regenerating and reproducing cells especially hair follicles.

5. Take your Vitamins; Vitamin B7 or a Biotin supplement play a significant roll in stimulating the body in the production of keratin, the protein that your hair and nails are made from. Certainly something to look into if your really struggling.

 6. Grow with the Flow; Now that you've followed the previous steps to beard success the last and final one is Just let it grow. What we mean is that you've started to grow a beard now, a lot of people start to shape it and manipulate it even before they know what type of beard there going to grow STOP !!!! Let your beard choose you, grow it  out for a period of 4-6 weeks without doing anything to it and let it take shape. During this time we recommend daily use of our beard balm which is firm enough to help direct the direction in which you want your hair to grow and to stop you looking like a hobo at your day job.