Meet the Face of the Prominent Mens Grooming Company

Meet Nicholas, the New Beard Ambassador for The Prominent Mens Grooming company. We are very lucky to have him and formally introduce him to you our valued loyal customer.
We recently caught up with Nick, amidst his busy schedule to discuss life, likes, do's don'ts for beards, fashion and trends.
⦁ PMGC: Hi Nick and welcome aboard to the Prominent Mens grooming Company.

⦁ Nick: Thanks so much it's really good to be part of the team.

⦁ PMGC: Nick, for the benefit of our readers and followers can you tell us about your background?

⦁ Nick: Glad to,  I'm Nick Alexander, from London, I currently work in housing providing homeless people with emergency accommodation. I have a passion for fashion and improving my local community by giving back whenever I can.

⦁ PMGC: That's very noble of you Nick.

⦁ Nick: Thanks!

⦁ PMGC: You mentioned you love fashion, care to elaborate on that?

⦁ Nick: Sure, There are two specific areas of work I have great passion for and would love the opportunity to excel in both of these fields.

⦁ PMGC: Sounds amazing, what are those?

⦁ Nick: Well, the first one being fashion as previously mentioned, my number one love is creating and innovating new looks, and identifying trends to suit different body types. I enjoy making others and myself look good and feel good by the choice of clothing we wear. Fashion merchandising and personal stylist roles are things I'm currently looking in to.

⦁ PMGC: Is that one of the reasons why you love our brand, the simple chic feel of our packaging aesthetics?
⦁ Nick: Absolutely!! Loving fashion I'm always looking at what works well together, the colour scheme of the brand is visually appealing,  and once you use the oils, you could say I'm well and truly hooked,  I love the stuff, my favorite oil is the Showman scent.
⦁ PMGC: Your to kind thank you so much. Tell us about your style because you are very stylish.
    • Nick: Thank you . It's very eclectic, I mostly dress to how I feel that particular day, so it could be skinny jeans and a blazer or a biker jacket and bright shirts or even dinner jacket with a hoodie. It's all about individuality and showing your own personality in what we wear.  
      ⦁ PMGC: You mentioned two points what was the second one?

      ⦁ Nick: The second one is mentoring, It is something that is really close to my heart, that I'm extremely passionate about and take very seriously. I would love to mentor specifically young adults who have been released from prison, battling mental health, struggling to find work, or suffering from anxiety and depression. My goal is to set up a youth mentoring scheme especially for young black boys where mental health seems to be on the rise these days.

      ⦁ PMGC: We are in the nature of giving back here at the PMGC Nick, so you're in good company. We wish you the very best on your endeavours.

      ⦁ PMGC: What do you like to do in your spare time apart from basking in 'The Prominents Natural and Organic Beard Oil and Balms',

      ⦁ Nick :Well I really love music, all genres and everything to do with music so concerts, carnivals, live shows are a must . Finding time to travelling and getting out of the rat race from time to time to experience different cultures is a blast . I recently just got back from the Berlin carnival that was loads of fun. Shopping obviously and fine dining, I'm  trying to get around to visit all the Michelin star restaurants in London first then the UK, it's something on my bucket list .

      ⦁ PMGC: Nice, Quality.

      ⦁ PMGC So Nick, as our readers, customers and followers can see you have a highly well groomed and impressive beard, can you offer any tips on how you keep your facial fluff in top condition?
      ⦁ Nick: It would be my pleasure
       Nicks 6 Beard Tips 
       Ok, as anyone with a beard, especially a longer beard knows, it does take a lot of maintenance and time. Here are a few tips, baring in mind everyone's beard texture is different and what may work for me may not work for others.

      1. Hydration is very important, so use The Prominents beard oils or beard balm which ever one that works for you and stick to it. I apply it twice daily.

      2. Cleanliness is very important, so washing often but not to the point your beard becomes dry, again it's very specific to the type of beard you have.

      3. I use a wide tooth Kent Comb on my beard due to the thickness of it.

      4. Avoid using hot water on your beard, make the water as cool as you can bare.

      5. Do not leave your beard damp, this causes the skin underneath to become sore and irritated.

      6. Finally remember to shape your beard and keep ends trimmed.
        PMGC: Awesome, It's been great speaking with you today
         thanks Nick really appreciate it.
          You can see Nick on PMGC social media platforms tutorials and forthcoming events.