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Meet the Face of the Prominent Mens Grooming Company

Meet Nicholas, the New Beard Ambassador for The Prominent Mens Grooming company. We are very lucky to have him and formally introduce him to you our valued loyal customer.   We recently caught up with Nick, amidst his busy schedule to discuss life, likes, do's don'ts for beards, fashion and trends.   ⦁ PMGC: Hi Nick and welcome aboard to the Prominent Mens grooming Company. ⦁ Nick: Thanks so much it's really good to be part of the team. ⦁ PMGC: Nick, for the benefit of our readers and followers can you tell us about your background? ⦁ Nick: Glad to,  I'm Nick Alexander, from London, I currently work in housing providing homeless people with emergency accommodation. I have a passion for fashion and improving my local community...

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