Checking in with VeganLight who uses Beard Oil, by The Prominent....

 A massive shout out to friend of 'The Prominent'  Noel aka VeganLight who kindly participated in road-testing our Woodsman Beard Oil range. Being a fitness model and all round good guy, Noel's face plays a major role especially when it comes to being booked for potential modelling jobs or campaigns. Woodsman Beard Oil appealed to him because of its Vegan ingredients which consists of four premium organic Vegan carrier oils. As a challenge for us he shaved off his entire beard and completely started again.  Why?......Is he crazy? Nooo!.  He's demonstrating the benefits of our beard oils that you can use even without a beard.  
Here are the results.....Week One 
Stage One
With the use of a superior blend of essential oils,  Woodmans Beard Oil puts an end to that beard itch and dandruff we all get a some point in our lives. The benefits of applying this extravagant product promotes growth by stimulating hair follicles to grow, coating and sealing the skin and hair which revitalises,rejuvenates and repairs any damage caused by shaving. 
In week two see how the impeccable blend of premium oils and essential oils enhance Noel's bearded area.
By week 3 Noels beard extenuates a shine and rejuvenation that when asked he said       " I'm loving my beard oil it's making my beard grow quicker and smells great".  Its true that joy comes from within. Here at The Prominent our mission is to add a texture and health to that beard which has weathered so much as you grow in wisdom. By being adorned and caressed with our natural products from the Earth which eliminates dandruff and repairs split ends you will undoubtedly feel the benefits of choosing The Prominent product range. In closing Noel states he is sold and will use the Prominent Products from now onwards.
Week Three
Noel aka VeganLight, We at 'The Prominent' salute you, Enjoy the continued use of our products. For information about Noel VeganLight  and to checkout his beard, checkout his social media.
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  • instagram: @VeganLight
  • Snapchat: FitandLean 

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