What is Beard Oil?
if you have a beard, it should be definitely maintained with a grooming aide. Our beard oil is a combination of premium grade organic oils specifically chosen to  moisturize, rejuvenate and nourish both your beard and the skin underneath.  Beard oil helps stop the beard itch and dandruff, and will tame even the most unruly beards leaving them soft, manageable and shiny.
What is Beard Balm ?
Our Beard balm is a grooming aide which is a combination of unrefined premium shea butters and chosen organic oils that work as a leave in conditioner that will coat and protect your hair follicles and serve as a natural barrier, preventing inflammation, itching, dandruff, but leaving your hair silky soft and manageable.
Can I Use Your Beard Oil For My Type of Hair?
Of course you can, our beard oil works amazingly well with all types of hair. curly, straight or wavy. You'll see and feel results.
 Are All Your Products Natural?
Absolutely 100% Organic and Natural,  No Synthetics, Paraben , Minerals oils, Sulphate or Petrochemicals completely non-toxic
Are your Products tested on animals?
No not now, Not ever
Are all  Grooming Boxes all supplied with boxes?
No. To do our bit for the environment we currently supply gift boxes, for the Standard and Boss grooming boxes. Minimal does not come in a gift box.
When Will My Order Ship?
Orders ship within 24hr of receiving them, but we make every attempt to ship them the same day.
Do You Sell Locally
Yes we do, our aim is to have our products in every high street store, gentleman's grooming parlous, barbers and salons. If you know anybody that's interested, we would love to hear about it! email us @info@theprominent.co.uk